Are you an artist, musician, writer or film-maker who creates beautiful and inspiring works for children steeped in Buddhist wisdom?

As a musician and writer myself, I was seeking a virtual community for those of us creating this type of content. I was sure that together, we can master the complications of internet marketing and pool our resources with better results for the customer and the artist. I could not find anything like this, so I decided to take the initiative myself!

While the owners of Amazon and Spotify have amassed their fortunes, income for musicians and writers has plummeted. Dharma Kids Collective aims to redress this balance by taking control of our own affairs and create a vibrant market place for high quality works which encompass Buddhist wisdom.

The work does not have to be overtly Buddhist or religious. Many of my own works simply encompass the guiding principles taught by the Buddha such as compassion, impermanence, community and mindfulness. The messages within the artworks should be imbued with the wisdom of the four seals of Buddhism: (1) All compounded things are impermanent (2) All emotions stemming from the ego eventually lead to pain (3) All phenomena lacks inherent existence (4) Freedom is beyond all concept.

While many sites offer free resources for children, Dharma Kids Cooperative explicitly encourages the support for the artists, which is why we have set up as a commercial site. Let us take care of the financial aspects so you can concentrate on what you love doing!

You can sign up for free using the “register as an artist” tab. You will have your own page to display your goods and tell the world about your creations. If you choose, your products will also appear on collection pages with those of other artists. Dharma Kids Collective charge a facilitation fee of 20%.

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